Eurocup #10 Riva del Garda

26-29 October

Day 1:

The swiss team is currently in Riva del Garda for the last EC of the year. Switzerland is represented with 7 out of 89 boats.
Today we had nice races between 15 and 20 knots of wind.

Day 2:

Today was a little less idillic than yesterday with an Ora that took time to settle and didn’t got as strong as most of us expected but we still enjoyed a lot !
Looking forward for tomorrow !

Day 3:

Today it was the first day of the gold and silver fleets. All of the Swiss teams are in the silver fleet.
We made 2 races in Ora with maximum wind speed of 13kn. And in the end the wind dropped completly.
So we are looking forward to a nice last day with a lot of wind and fun.

Day 4:

And the final results can be found here



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