The Board of the Swiss 29er Association consists of the following members:

Constantin Higgs – President


Felix SarntheinVice-President


Lorin Kuhn – Regattas


Gustave Pertuiset РSecretary


Johanna Klötzli РTreasurer/Actuary


Become a Member

If you sail regattas or want to join the Swiss 29er Association, sign up here

International Membership

In order to sail international regattas like European/World Championships or Eurocups, you need to become member of the international 29er Association. Create an account under the following Link

If you wish to sail internationally, send a copy of the invoice of the international member fee and your bank account (IBAN) to, and we will pay you back the fee.


The Swiss 29er Association was founded in Wintherthur, Switzerland, on 1st of October 1999. The statute exist only in German language.
Below you can read or download our Statute in PDF format.

Statuten 29er CH (PDF)

Competition Regulation

The Swiss 29er Association maintains an annual ranking: The Points Championship. The rules for the PM/CSP are defined in the competition regulation. It only exists in German language.

Wettbewerbsreglement 29er CH (PDF)